​​​​​Welcome to ​​​foodschool,
where we believe kids and food matter
We're a new type of after-school enrichment program that combines hands-on cooking with science, history and health lessons about the foods we eat.

Kids learn about:

-new types of food and aspects of cooking
-new ways to prepare old favorites
-how foods are grown
-how to grow their own food in our Green Garden
-history and facts behind food
-how to recognize fresh foods at the store and market
-why one food might be better than another

Classes include food facts, crafts, and activities in a fun, investigative learning environment. Each class ends at our Tasting Table where we gather to discuss our learnings and serve, taste and enjoy the dishes the kids created.

Our Mission​​
We're on a mission to help kids deeply appreciate and understand the science, cultivation, preparation, health benefits and cultural impact of our all-important resource: our food!​
Opening Fall 2018, Santa Monica
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Questions/Comments? email: info@foodschool.com