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Question:  What should my child bring/wear to class?

Answer:  For each class your child should bring their personalized Foodschool apron and curriculum binder (they will receive both of these on their first day of class). They should wear closed toe and closed heel shoes and comfortable, kitchen appropriate clothing (nothing dangling) For children with longer hair, it must be kept up and away from their face.

Question:  Can I sit in a class and watch?

Answer:  Unfortunately no. We limit attendance inside classes to only students so that we can avoid distraction and disruption. We need all eyes and focus on our teachers and lessons so that kids have a safe, fun experience.  If you would like to see the space before your child starts, call us to schedule a tour.

Question:  What if my child has a food allergy?

Answer:  If you child has a severe or life threatening food allergy to common foods, then this is probably not the program best suited for them. However, it's always good to contact us directly to discuss the allergy and so that we can decide together what can be done.

Question:  What kitchen tools will my child be using?

Answer:  Your child will be using various kitchen tools including knives, table-top ovens, blenders, and food processors, etc. Our program teaches kids the proper way to use different tools in a safe and well supervised environment.

Question:  What if my child is a picky-eater?

Answer:  One of the things we are know for is getting our students to try different foods, especially picky eaters. It is a combination of our Foodschool rules, our endless support and encouragement, having pride in making the recipes themselves and a little bit a peer pressure from watching other friends trying the recipes and enjoying them. If your child is dedicated to passing on something (it has happened :), occasionally because of food sensitivities), they will be excited to bring it home for you to try.

Question:  Are you plant-based?

Answer:  We are primarily plant-based and we occasionally use diary products and eggs.

Question:  Will my child cook in every class?

Answer:  Yes, your child will cook and eat each day they attend.

Question:  What is your policy for makeups and cancellations?

Answer:  Unfortunately, we can not offer cancellations or make-up classes due to the changing curriculum and small class sizes.  However, if you have an extreme situation, please reach out to us.

Question:  Do you offer sibling discounts?

Answer:  Yes.  For siblings enrolled in the same season, we offer 10% off the second payment (tuition is billed in two equal payments).

Question:  Do you offer refunds?

Answer:  No. We do not offer refunds. However, in extreme circumstances we may offer a credit towards future classes.