What Foodschool is all about

Foodschool is an exciting, entertaining & innovative after school program that empowers kids to be "food-smart". Using hands-on training in our classroom and lab, students experience the full life cycle of the dishes they prepare, from plant to table. We explore science, culture, history, nutrition, food skills and life skills, in a fun, inquiry-based way. Each class culminates when we gather to taste the delicious, plant-based dishes the kids have created themselves and discuss what we've learned. Think of us as a food appreciation school, our teachers as accomplished food tutors, and our participants as having a deeply enriching and super fun time.

What will your child's day at Foodschool look like?

Foodschool is not a pure cooking school, although we do our fair share of cooking. Foodschool is an “experience" which teaches children not only how to cook in a simple and fun way, but also the historical & cultural aspects, nutritional benefits, and so much more about the foods they eat...or in many cases the foods they didn’t know about or didn’t want to eat.   From a radish lesson: “My son would never try a radish but after growing one from seed in 3 weeks, then washing it and eating it with butter and salt, he can’t stop talking about radishes. He even asked me to buy them at the market and showed me how to make a quick salad with the greens on top and some olive oil!”

We divide our classes based on age groups (60 min for 3-6 year olds and 90 min for 7-14 year olds, although we can move kids up and down in classes when appropriate). This way we can tailor our lessons to suit the students' abilities.  During each 8 week season your child will attend class 1 day per week.  Each season is split into two, 4 week blocks. Each block has a theme (e.g., "Food Groups", “Holidays”,“Breakfast", “Snacks", “Northern Italy").  Each class has a specific ingredient and recipe (e.g.,“ basil & pesto” or “chickpeas & hummus” or "nopal & tacos de nopales”).  Each lesson might have a different recipe based on age group abilities.

Classes begin in the interactive Foodschool Classroom with an immersion into our custom curriculum for the lesson plan we will be following later in the lab. We give them everything they need to not only appreciate what they are about to prepare but to be super excited to eat it and spread the word. (Continues within...)


Today we went to Foodschool! It was fun learning about peas! I also like to make pea pancakes. We used pancake mix, peas, butter, sunflower oil and water. The tools we used are spoon, food processor, pan or griddle and spatula. I had a fun time!

Kayla, Age 6, Student

I can't say enough wonderful things about this program, and the staff, at Foodschool! My two girls can't wait to go to Foodschool each week and are so excited about what they are learning... and cooking! They come home eager to share their recipes and food with the family. We're so thrilled a program like this has opened up for our girls - thanks Foodschool team.

Nicole Roberts, Parent

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