We are in love with Foodschool!  I have 3 kids signed up this session, and it is each of their favorite after school acitivity!!  Each session they feature a different "key" ingredient- learn all about it- and then cook a wonderful recipe using the ingredient. My kids are so excited to come home and share their creation with the family!! The Foodschool space is gorgeous- and includes a greenhouse where the kids can participate in gardening and watch plants grow from seed to fruit. Jess and Sean and their staff are so incredibly great with the kids. The kids come home from food school smiling, confident, and full of enthusiasm. In an era where we are further removed from where our food comes from, I think it is incredibly important to empower our children with the skills to grow and prepare their own food.  Not only will you see it increase their self confidence, but you will also see them enthusiastically eating all kinds of food (smoothies with fruit and spinach, veggie spring rolls, Meyer lemon smoothies, blood orange and fennel salad).  It's amazing to see the kids eating what they prepare. And the best part about it is they bring the recipes home and are so excited to cook them again and again. I strongly recommend Foodschool for kids of all ages- and I secretly hope they start adult classes there soon too!!

Rima Thierry, Parent

I can’t say enough amazing things about the program that Jessica and Sean have integrated into our children’s lives. It has been such an incredible addition to their education and has them so excited that they come home and tell us about the foods they grew, prepared and ate…and how they loved it!  Its always a struggle to get my kids to try new vegetables (or make their own hummus, pickles or salad dressing?!) but with Foodschool they are engaged and invested in the entire process and it has fostered a love of cooking and growing foods AND they come home and actually tell us all about it.  Thank you to Sean and Jessica for creating such an inspiring program that is so well thought out, engaging and fun. It is by far the most favorite part of their week.

Staci Woo Badt, Parent

I can't say enough wonderful things about this program, and the staff, at Food School! My two girls can't wait to go to Food School each week and are so excited about what they are learning... and cooking! They come home each week, eager to share their recipes and food with our family. We're so thrilled a program like this has opened up for our girls - thanks Food School team.

Nicole Roberts, Parent

Foodschool is a creative and family run program that inspires children to learn about food and cooking! Our kids love learning the recipes and coming home and showing us their new skills!

Ali Larter, Parent

I think Foodschool is great! My kids are learning about food, how to work in a kitchen and prepare delicious tasting foods (I get to taste test what they bring home). And they take the foods to "regular" school the next day for snack (that's how much they like them). I have 2 6th graders there. 1 1/2 hour classes and they walk out surprised that the time is up. Every kid walks in happy and walks out happy. And Sean and Jessica (the owners) are obviously true lovers of good (healthy) food and the kids. Couldn't be happier.

Jerry Deli, Parent

During the summer we made a few of the Foodschool recipes, which has helped us shift to a more make-it-at-home lifestyle as a family.  Our daughter has a solid love of and foundation in cooking and baking in large part thanks to you

Victor Thompson, Parent

Kids Love to get involved and with cooking they feel creative! Jessica and Sean are so great with the kids. I love how my daughter comes home with yummy recipes that the whole family can try together!

Carmit Bachar, Parent


I used to think spinach was yucky but at Foodschool I learned how to make it taste good!

Kayla, Student

My favorite thing about Foodschool is silly Sean. He always makes me laugh when he tells a funny story.

Diego, Student

I never knew that beans are seeds until Foodschool. We even got to plant a bean!

Jayden, Student

I used to think spinach was yucky but at Foodschool I learned how to make it taste good!

Penny, Student


My students learn about our world through food and hands-on activities. So fun and engaging – yum! Thanks Foodschool – Sean, Jessica, and Carmen.

Tamara Gorman, Kindergarten

I have had the privilege of working with FOODSCHOOL for the past 5 years. The teachers are so skillful at presenting information about plants and nutrition in a fun and hands-on way. It’s amazing how the students will eat all kinds of vegetables and fruits that they would never try at home. It’s no surprise that we all look forward to our FOODSCHOOL lessons!

Susan Hamburg, Teacher


My favorite part about Foodschool is when a kid thinks they don’t like me but then they get to learn about where I come from and use me to make pizza and I win them over!

Mr. Tomato

Sometimes kids only think of me as their spaghetti with butter and parmesan. Foodschool really makes me shine and kids learn how many different shapes I can take and what kinds of friends I can be paired with. Ravioli and pesto anyone?

Sophia Pasta